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Planetary-Philosophy-HomeIt appears that the Earth is in a transition that could lead to a new, higher level of organization and, in Pierre de Chardin’s sense, “interiorization”, producing a new emergent consciousness.  This transition is like what happened when cells evolved to form individual insects and plants and animals and, eventually, humans.  And, these individuals came to have a coherent consciousness that could guide the – now unified – collection of cells. It also appears that humanity is a key vehicle for this new higher level of organization for the Earth.

However, the Earth is at a very unstable point in its evolution.  In a systems theory context it will either evolve or devolve now. So, In order to survive, individual humans have to evolve to the next level of consciousness and connect to form the emergent Earth’s next level of organization and coherence.  Let’s call that “Planetary Consciousness.” To succeed, this Planetary Consciousness needs to be expressed in a straightforward unifying philosophy – a Planetary Philosophy – with a set of simple, self-evident, powerful core principles (assumptions) that are so clear and so self-evident that it is virtually impossible for anyone to deny them.

And these principles need to provide clear guidance so that anyone and everyone can immediately understand whether an action contributes to evolution or devolution.  What are these principles?  Planetary Philosophy suggests that there are three of these core principles.

The Three Principles of Planetary Philosophy are summarized as: One Planet; One People; and One Purpose.

Planetary Philosophy is evolving.  So far the Planetary Philosophy perspective has been applied to produce first approximations of a Philosophy of Science, a Philosophy of Consciousness, and a Philosophy of Capitalism. Planetary Philosophy has also been elaborated in relation to A Planetary Movement and a way to Build Your Own Philosophy.

If you would like to see where we have gotten with this project as a whole, read Planetary Philosophy: An Essay. We hope you will join with us in building Planetary Philosophy into an intellectual movement strong enough to make a significant contribution to realizing our One Purpose, bringing about the global transformation that our One People needs to survive and thrive on our One Planet.

In Search Of A Revelation

“Grounded in the reality that we all inhabit a living conscious Universe, we can all take the journey to find inner knowledge, attain the goal of that knowledge, come back and transform ourselves, and then take action for the benefit of our own lives, the life of our species, and the life of the Earth.”

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Philosophy of Science

Because of the many successes of science, Logical Positivism was popular for a little while, until some philosophers of science noticed that there was no way to use the scientific method to prove that the scientific method provided the only true knowledge.  That assertion, the core insight of anti-metaphysical Logical Positivism, was a metaphysical one.  Oops.

Philosophy of Consciousness

Alfred North Whitehead, perhaps the last great Western metaphysical philosopher, suggested that orthodox science is committing the “fallacy of the misplaced concrete” by taking highly abstract, instrument mediated, observations and using them to try to explain and predict the human experience and other emergent phenomena in the universe instead of grounding our knowledge in our actual concrete human experience.

Philosophy of Capitalism

It is time for us to give up our freedom to continue with the highly unstable human system that we currently have.  We need a new Planetary System.  Planetary Philosophy suggests that the creation of this new Planetary System should be our One Purpose right now and that this One Purpose should be guided by the fact that we are One People and that we share One Planet.

Planetary Dance

Actually, Planetary Dance came before Planetary Philosophy. Planetary Dance is, as its name suggests, a dance that takes place in many places around the world. Planetary Dance was created by the very widely known and respected dancer, dance teacher, and dance score creator, Anna Halprin, along with an evolving Planetary Dance Community.
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Planetary Dance