Let’s take a look at what I believe is one of the most difficult things for spiritually oriented people who believe in some interpretation of God or the Creator to understand.

The Creator: According to my understanding (and my glimpses of the deeper forms of spiritual experience), systematically engaging with the right consciousness practices can allow us to transcend the separation of incarnation and consciously re-engage with the Creator—with that perfect order—and consciously experience everything as an aspect of the Creator, and consciously participate in assisting the Creator with the evolution of Creation in the little Universe on the tiny planet where we live.

Like an artist loving his/her many works of art, the Creator creates many Creations and many Universes that are  living works of art and loves them all, even the ones that don’t work out. That love permeates all of Creation, all of the Universes and each of us. And we can come to acquire the capability of experiencing everything in every moment as partaking of that love and we can guide our actions based on the all-pervasive experience of that love.

However, if everything comes from the Creator and everything is composed of the Creator—one could say that everything is part of the Creator’s body—and everything is infused, throughout, with the Creator’s love, then why is everything so screwed up right now?

The Sea Turtles:  Recently my wife and I were spending some time at our second home in Todos Santos in Baja California Sur Mexico. One evening, we walked down to the beach to the Project Sea Turtle incubation greenhouse hatching area—an approximately 20 by 20 yard area of sand enclosed by a plastic and wood structure. Inside, in the sand, we found little circles of bailing wire marked with numbers and dates.

Volunteers carefully collect clutches of Sea Turtle eggs from the beach and re-bury them inside these little circles. The plastic structure provides a better (higher and more constant) temperature for the Sea Turtle eggs. Sometimes Sea Turtle eggs die, when they are buried in the unprotected sand, because they get too cold. The structure also, of course, protects the eggs from predators.

When enough eggs have hatched out as cute little baby Sea Turtles, they are released. The evening we were there, more than 100 people had gathered to see 61 baby Sea Turtles released into the ocean. At sunset, with a full moon opposite the setting sun, two women and two little girls carried three plastic tubs filled with little wriggling Sea Turtles down to a line they had drawn in the sand. They told all the people to stand behind the line and then the women and girls took the Sea Turtles out one at a time and placed them on the other side of the line.

Before long the little Sea Turtles were all out. They all immediately pointed themselves toward the ocean and began their march to the sea. They were each totally focused on getting into the ocean as quickly as their little flippers could get them there. Pretty soon the gentle waves began to take them, washing many away out to sea, but sometimes the waves would deposit them back higher up the beach and they would have to start their flipper propelled march all over again. However they never lost focus and they never lost direction. Eventually every one of them made it into the ocean and got swept away.

We were told that only a few of these 61 enthusiastic, charming, wriggling babies would survive to become full grown turtles. Most would die or be killed one way or another.

This baby Sea Turtle march to the sea was inspiring. People cheered. It was a good thing even if only a few of these wonderful little creatures made it to adulthood. The fact that most would die wasn’t evil. This was just the way it was—the great Sea Turtle adventure that has been going on for thousands of years.

The Crossroads:  Humanity is at a crossroads in our journey of the last few hundred thousand years. We will either form a better global society in better harmony with each other and with the Earth’s natural systems and go on to the next part of our adventure as a species or we will fail to do that and our adventure will be over.

There has been a lot of suffering during the couple of hundred years (or seen from another perspective couple of thousand years) we have been trying to get across this threshold. However, from the perspective of the Creator who has launched a vast number of these types of adventures, our story is one of very many. Like the little Sea Turtles, some species of the Creator’s creations will find a way to harness their free wills into a collective species spirit so that they can come to survive and thrive. Many will not.

Things are so screwed up now because that’s where we are in our journey. We have free will built into us, so we can choose to opt out or even to struggle against the transformation that is so needed now. However, the best we can do is to get on with making it to the other side of the crossroads to a world system that works. The transcendent Creator is watching with interest, but not interfering. As the immanent Creator that manifests as the divine spark within each of us (and everything else) attains conscious participation in itself, we have the opportunity to find the best way to make our unique contributions to the Great Transformation as allies of the Creator who loves us all.