In my book, In Search of a Revelation, I have presented a summary of a scientific model of explanation that links seamlessly with contemporary scientific understanding and, at the same time, accounts for the Creator, a Living Conscious Universe, and our ability to expand our consciousness and participate fully in this Living Conscious Universe. Here is an excerpt. Take a look.

Tiller-Einstein Model of Explanation: The Tiller-Einstein Model of Explanation is the basis of what Dr. William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, has characterized as “Psychoenergetic Science,” which is predicted by Albert Einstein’s theories of space/time and mass/energy relativity. (

According to Tiller’s model, in positive space/time, energy and matter vibrate and move at speeds less than or near to the speed of light, and have a basic nature that is “electromagnetic”.

In negative time/space, energy and substance vibrate and move at speeds faster than the speed of light, are magnetic in quality, and have a basic nature that is “magnetoelectric”.

Positive Space/Time: Positive space/time is the realm of physical matter and the physical world where:

  • Electricity is the primary force in electromagnetic fields.
  • There is a tendency toward increasing positive entropy (disorder).
  • Velocities are limited to the speed of light.
  • Likes repel and opposites attract.

Negative Time/Space: Negative time/space is the realm of subtle substance/spirit and the metaphysical world where:

  • Magnetism is the primary force in magnetoelectric fields
  • There is a tendency to increasing order or syntropy (negative entropy).
  • Velocities are in excess of the speed of light.
  • Likes attract and opposites repel.

According to the Tiller/Einstein Model of Explanation, the magnetoelectric force is carried by “deltron” particle/waves, which allow the attractive, integrative, hyperconscious magnetoelectric forces from negative time/space to interact with matter and electric energy in positive space/time.

Deltrons: These magnetoelectric flows of deltrons between negative time/space (the metaphysical world) and positive space/time (the material world) constitute the subtle energies that bring order into the physical world and counteract the effects of the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, whereby disorder tends to increase over time until randomness occurs.

Just as entropy characterizes physical systems of positive space/time, we can say that “syntropy” characterizes the metaphysical systems of negative time/space.

Deltron Flows: Unlike the situation in the physical world of space/time where matter always has mass, the subtle substance—sometimes referred to as virtual matter—of negative time/space has no mass per se but has vibrational frequency in what amounts to a “mental” medium.

These deltronic negative time/space magnetoelectric flows are the subtle energies that make up the ch’i energy of acupressure and the prana energy of the chakras and nadi channels of Yoga. Our consciousness is the internal experience of these deltronic magnetoelectric fields. They are the unity that is the ground for and the unity behind the succession of our spacio/temporal instants.

When we mentally talk to ourselves or to someone else, these deltronic magnetoelectirc fields are what allow us to begin a sentence in one moment, continue it in a succession of other moments, and complete it in a final moment and yet the whole sentence makes sense. They provide the underlying unity that allows us to unify a succession of instants to form a sentence, or a whole developed complex thought, or a whole developed complex action.

Another word for this deltronic magnetoelectric energy flow—with its essence of like attracting like—is love.

Consciousness: In this context, our consciousness in each present moment is a portal between our experience of the material world in positive space/time and our experience of the metaphysical world in negative time/space. Mindfulness opens that door more widely.

In Vision Meditation, we walk through the door and participate directly in the negative time/space world. The more we strengthen our physical and psychological vehicles and the more consistent our Mindfulness practice, the more easily we can enter the metaphysical world and the further we can go.

Since all subtle substance is massless. There are no limits to the speed at which subtle substance can vibrate and travel. In fact the speed of entities in negative time/space can approach infinity, where time is essentially transcended, and then these entities are essentially everywhere at once.

The Creator: In this context, when the guiding principle of syntropy (negative entropy) holds sway, the constantly increasing order leads to a hierarchy of unified and unifying forces that can be seen as spirits and Gods, eventually arriving at what is essentially, from our perspective, perfect order or the Creator.

By systematically engaging with consciousness practices, we can come to transcend the separation of incarnation and consciously re-engage with the Creator—with that perfect order—and consciously experience everything as an aspect of the Creator, and consciously participate in assisting the Creator with the evolution of Creation in the little Universe on the tiny planet where we live.