Planck’s View of BICEP2/Keck Array Field


I recently saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie, the most recent of the many prequels to the first Star Wars film. Rogue One fills in the story of how the Rebellion got the plans for the Death Star.

The Force: Rogue One isn’t a great movie, but, once again, “The Force” plays an important role, recalling for me my delight with the role of The Force in the original Star Wars movie. At the time I first saw it, I had recently begun studying the martial art, Aikido, and learning about “Ki,” the energy that underlies everything. Aikido trains students to experience and use Ki for self-defense.

All the esoteric disciplines that I am familiar with are based, at least in part, on the existence of a vast and powerful energy force that pervades everything. Much of their teachings address how that energy works and how to direct it to accomplish things. It is the Chi energy that Acupuncture works with to unblock and get flowing. It is the Prana that you breath in and accumulate in various Yogic practices. It is the Mana of the ancient Hawaiian other traditional cultures.  In all these traditions, this energy combines the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

However, traditional Western, mechanistic science has ignored this energy, applying the mechanistic paradigm, treating all aspects of the universe and the universe as a whole as if they were machines, with no mental or spiritual dimension.

Western science did innovate the idea that scientists should compare their observations of different aspects of the world, use mathematics to develop theories of how those aspects of the world worked, make predictions about what would happen, and develop technologies based on the understandings that this process produced.

These technologies worked pretty well, within the mechanistic paradigm, but, typically, they required a specific input of physical energy to obtain an output of some kind of energy or work. And the output was always less than the input.

Quantum Mechanics: As the 20th Century proceeded, Western physicists penetrated more and more deeply into ever smaller dimensions of the universe, developing quantum mechanics to explain what they encountered. They found that what they were studying sometimes behaved more like a particle and sometimes more like a wave, and the different particles were “entangled,” acting on one another at very great distances with no physical connections.

Though quantum mechanics has been very successful in making predictions, physicists have not been able to formulate a theory that seamlessly links an understanding of quantum mechanics with the astrophysics, so elegantly explained by Albert Einstein’s field equations.

Resonance Physics: Now a group of physicists, led by Nassim Haramain, have produced a rigorous formulation of the way the universe works with a theory that integrates quantum mechanics and astrophysics and, at the same time, completely integrates with the Eastern traditions of a universal physical/mental.

I recently completed an educational program offered by the Resonance Academy, which teaches this new “Resonance Physics” paradigm. I recommend it.

Harramein’s Resonance Physics really amounts to a philosophy with a physics embedded within it. Though he doesn’t say this, his physics/philosophy can be located solidly within the panpsychic paradigm.

Planck Units: According to Resonance Physics, everything down to the scale of the “Planck Spherical Units” (smallest unit of energy/mass that physicists have identified, named after Max Planck) and up to the scale of the whole universe operates fractally, with the structure of smaller systems repeated in larger systems, and holographically, with every entity containing holographic representations of all the other entities.

It’s at the Planck level where we find a sea of profoundly powerful electro/magnetic energy that used to be called Aether in the West.

In harmony with Einstein’s general theory of relativity, there is no space containing these little Planck Units. Rather, they are themselves the quantized structure of space/time. Recognition that space/time is quantized, means that each quantum of space/time has a miniscule duration as well as miniscule extension, meaning that these electromagnetic quanta are the briefest of instants in time as well as the smallest of units of space.

These Planck Units spin around their own axes so rapidly that their speed approaches the speed of light and their mass expands to the point that they exhibit the characteristics of a mini-black hole, with a fractal structure exhibiting properties that makes them like all the other black holes in the universe, regardless of scale.

Also, each one of these little Planck Units is a hologram of the whole rest of the Universe, i.e. of every other little Planck Unit in whatever structure where it is located. That means that vast information matches the vast energy contained in each and every Planck Unit.

Though what I am about to say goes a bit beyond what is discussed in the Resonance Academy course, I believe that these little Planck Units perfect examples of Alfred North Whitehead’s “actual entities” which he sometimes refers to as “actual occasions.” The Planck Units come into existence, holographically “prehending” everything else in the universe, exist for the briefest of moments, and then pass their vibratory signature on to their succession of heirs as well as to all the other successions of Planck Units throughout the rest of space/time. The subsequent little Planck units, in turn, repeat the process.

Planck Unit Scale: Let’s be clear. The scale we are dealing with is truly vastly small. According to an analogy presented in the Resonance Academy curriculum, if the little Planck Units were the size of a grain of sand, then the diameter of a proton would be 40 trillion kilometers – the distance from our Sun to the star Alpha Centauri.

“The Planck scale is so incredibly small that all the information of the entire universe encoded in Planck Spherical Units can fit into a single proton volume. This implies as well that there must be a direct relationship between the Planck scale and mass, the proton scale and mass, and the universal scale and mass.”

All the structures of the universe – protons and electrons, atoms, living systems, planets, stars, galaxies, galaxy super clusters, and the universe itself – form as fractal/holographic patterns made up of this most basic micro-scale field of electro-magnetic energy.

From this perspective, The Force is indeed with us.