Now, with a deeper understanding of a Panpsychic perspective on the spiritual and the material dimensions of the Universe, let’s focus our exploration of Panpsychic philosophy on the interactions between these two aspects of the Universe, which can be the basis for the development of some Panpsychic technologies.

Realms of Consciousness: According to various spiritual traditions, the Universe is divided into three basic realms—sub-consciousness, self-consciousness, and super-consciousness.

The at-the-speed-of-light/slower-than-the-speed-of-light material Universe—including Plancks, protons, atoms, solar systems, galaxies, and super-clusters—is the realm of sub-consciousness. The faster-than-the-speed-of-light spiritual Universe— including the gods, archangels, and angels—is the realm of super-consciousness.

Our experience/reflection/action moment-after-moment—made up of the ongoing intersection between sub-consciousness and the super-consciousness—is the realm of self-consciousness. Sub-consciousness has mass. Super-consciousness and self-consciousness do not, but self-consciousness requires a substrata of energy/mass to ride on (the nervous system).

A full Panpsychic philosophy needs to address the principles governing the material realm, the spiritual realm, and their interactions, or, alternatively, how sub-consciousness, super-consciousness, and self-consciousness operate and engage with each other.

Subsequent to studying Resonant Physics, I recognize that the sub-conscious realm is made up of the world of the tiny spinning Plancks in all their holofractographic forms up through the protons and all the many atoms and the solar systems and the galaxies and the super-clusters all the way up to the physical/mental Universe as a whole.

Various spiritual traditions indicate that super-consciousness is the world of the Creator down through the realms of the gods and goddesses, the archangels and angels, and the various astral forces, i.e. the first three of the four cabbalistic worlds of atziluth, beriah, and yetzirah.

Our own consciousness is like a doorway through which we can look into and interact with both the material realm and the spiritual realm.

According to some yogic traditions, when we are awake, our consciousness is focused on the outside material world. When we go to sleep, our consciousness shifts from the material dimension of the Universe to the spiritual dimension of the Universe. Dreaming takes place in more slowly vibrating aspects of the spiritual dimension of the Universe. With dreamless sleep, our consciousness ascends through the rapidly vibrating the aspect of the spiritual realm and merges with the Creator, or, if you prefer, the Great Oneness.

Consciousness Practices: Through awareness practices, mindfulness practices, kinesthetic awareness, energy awareness, psychosynthesis, emotional awareness, and other such consciousness practices one’s self-consciousness can be expanded, i.e. the aperture between super-consciousness and sub-consciousness can be grown.

With vision meditation and vibration induced out of the body experiences, it is possible to walk through the doorway and enter the spiritual realm directly.

Mindfulness and kinesthetic awareness practices also help us participate more fully in the natural world by enabling us to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell without the mediation of an ongoing internal dialogue.

Some of these spiritual traditions teach that the overarching goal of these consciousness practices – the goal of spiritual discipline if you will – is to move from the state where sub-consciousness controls self-consciousness and super-consciousness is only experienced dimly through the veil of sub-consciousness to the place where self-consciousness can directly experience and connect with super-consciousness and then impact and control more and more of the sub-consciousness realm from that state.

Images and Enactments: Many spiritual traditions indicate that self-consciousness engages, impacts, and, ultimately, controls sub-consciousness by affirming intentions, holding visualizations of those intentions in images or symbols in one’s imagination, and enacting those intentions in rituals.

One of the central principles of many esoteric disciplines is that holding images in one’s mind and enacting them in ritual dance will tend to bring about their manefestation in the natural world.

One of the things that Resonance Physics has done is provide a much deeper and more sophisticated and more coherent formulation of subconsciousness as a hierarchy of holofractographic systems. Given the holofractographic nature of sub-consciousness, it becomes much clearer how images and ritual enactments can come to guide the emergence of particular manifestations of sub-consciousness in our Earthbound physical realm.

Perhaps images and ritual enactments directly affect the holofractographic character of the sub-consciousness world by imparting one or a set of holographic images to some system in that sub-conscious world and then that image holographically ramifies out throughout larger and larger spheres.

Another way to put this is that images and and rituals undertaken in ritual time/space have a vibratory signature and that vibratory signature resonates into the holofractographic sub-conscious realm establishing a pattern that then ripples holofractographically out in all directions.

Given that self-consciousness guides sub-consciousness through images and ritual enactments, the closer those images and enactments are to super-conscious archetypes, the more powerful they can be.

Also, the deeper they get embedded into the holofractographic structure of the sub-conscious universe, the more powerful they become, so the more times the images and enactments are repeated, the more powerful they become.

Traditional cultures have understood this principle well, using it to provide guidance and continuity to their societies over hundreds, even thousands of years. Perhaps its rediscovery now can help us find the images and enactments we need to hold in our minds and enact in our special rituals and our everyday lives to help establish communion between the spiritual and material realms and help make the great transformation needed for people throughout our planet to come to live at peace with themselves, each other, and the Earth.