Philosophical Branches

Rediscovering Philosophy

It’s clear that the human species is in trouble around the world and, I believe, that one of the most important reasons for this is that we lack a unifying understanding of our situation and unifying vision to guide our actions.

So what is to be done?

At a very basic level, humanity needs a clear, coherent, effective Philosophy for our times – one that helps make sense out of the situation that we are in and helps identify and direct the actions that we need to take.

Planetary Philosophy suggests that there are Three Principles that we all can agree to and that truly unify us as a species.  These three principles can be summarized as: One Planet; One People; and One Purpose.

Grounded in these three principals – premises – Planetary Philosophy is being evolved to address various philosophical branches of human knowledge.  So far, first approximations have been developed for a Philosophy of Science, a Philosophy of Consciousness, and a Philosophy of Capitalism.

Planetary Philosophy has also been elaborated in relation to A Planetary Movement and a way to Build Your Own Philosophy.