Mission Statement


Mission Planetary PhilosophyPlanetary Philosophy’s mission statement grows out of the recognition that the human species all around the Earth desperately needs to transition to a world-wide system that is healthier, safer, and more creative.

To accomplish this mission, we need to embrace what can unify us as a species inhabiting this planet – we already know what divides us all too well – and what can guide us to act effectively together to bring about the transformation that we need.

We need a new perspective that is simple, self-evident, easily communicated, and yet profound enough to bring about a complete revolution in the way we think and the way we act.


In response to this challenge, Planetary Philosophy asserts that a rediscovery of the power inherent in the somewhat ignored and undervalued discipline of philosophy can provide us with the right framework for this new perspective.

Planetary Philosophy goes on to use philosophy to posit that there are three principles that we all can agree to and that truly unify us as a species.  These three principles can be summarized as: One Planet; One People; and One Purpose.


The mission of Planetary Philosophy, then, is to invite and assist as many people as possible to:

  • Embrace the three principles.
  • Use them as a perspective for guiding their personal experiences, reflections, and behaviors.
  • Elaborate their implications into a fully developed Planetary Philosophy that can guide our collective economic, social, cultural, and environmental understandings, decisions, and  actions.
  • Join together in a emerging Planetary Movement that ultimately succeeds in helping us weave our various actions together to accomplish the planetary transformation that we need.


So far, those of us launching this endeavor have undertaken first approximation explorations of three branches of Planetary Philosophy: Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Consciousness; and Philosophy of Capitalism.

If you would like to see where we have gotten with this project as a whole, read Planetary Philosophy: An Essay.

Build Your Own

We also are working on some suggestions for how you can build your own personal or organizational Planetary Philosophies.  Build Your Own Philosophy


Our Blog gives you a sense of how we see Planetary Philosophy engaging with some of the issues, challenges, and opportunities of our time.  Blog

So come on in and join us.  We think the water’s fine.  Help us accomplish the mission of Planetary Philosophy.