3 Principles

Three Principles -- One PlanetPlanetary Philosophy begins with the recognition that the human species needs to transition to world-wide system that is healthier, safer, and more creative.  To accomplish this mission, we need to embrace what can unify us and guide us to act effectively together to bring about the transformation that we need.

Planetary Philosophy proposes that there are 3 principles that we can agree on to unify us and guide our thoughts and actions as we pursue the transformation we need.  These 3 principles are summarized as: One Planet; One People; and One Purpose.

One Planet

Each human being has a body that is made of the Earth.  We are made up of the elements of the Earth.  We are not something outside of the Earth.  Our bones, our blood, our muscles, all of our cells are composed of portions of the Earth.  These elements from the Earth are still part of the Earth even as they are composing our bodies.

One People

Without question the fact that we are one species, one people, has to be true, because we are all part of the one Earth.  Since the body of each human being is made of the one Earth, we are all intimately linked together.

One Purpose

According to Systems Theory, when a system in a steady state of equilibrium takes in too much new content – new forces, new elements, new relationships – it goes into a state of disequilibrium, which is unstable.  At that point, the system has to evolve and transform to a new, higher form of organization or else devolve into a new, lower form of organization.

We Have to Evolve or We Will Devolve.