One People

One People -- Planetary Philosophy 

The second principle of Planetary Philosophy is One People.  In addition to understanding that we are One Planet, we also need to realize that we are One People.

Without question the fact that we are one species, one people, has to be true, because we are all part of the one Earth.  Since the body of each human being is made of the one Earth, we are all intimately linked together.

Since anything that any member of the human species does affects the Earth; and, since the Earth forms the body of every member of the human species; and, since anything that affects a part of the Earth affects all of the Earth; therefore, anything that any member of the human species does affects every other member of the human species.

All Humans Share 99.9% of Their DNA

But we are one people much more intimately than that.  We are one people because we come from common ancestors and, as members of the human species, we share 99.9% of our DNA –   99.9% of our genetic make-up unites us and only 00.09% divides us.  At any moment any cell or any virus in the body of any human being could mutate to become a virulent disease that could become a pandemic that could potentially kill every other member of the human species.  In this sense, we live or die as One People.

Inventions, like the telephone, the light bulb, and the internet rapidly diffuse throughout the human species.  One terrorist with nuclear weapons could destroy an awful lot of us.  A few of us in political leadership can make peace or start a war.  A few of us in economic leadership can create prosperity or poverty for the rest of us.

What We Do to Each Other We Do to the Whole Species

The health and wellbeing of each individual in the human species profoundly affects the health and wellbeing of the whole species.  The human species is going to survive as a whole – not just some dominant part of the species.

What we do to each other we do to us all, to the whole human species.  We have the opportunity to create a wonderful reality here on Earth, but, in the end, we have to do it with and for us all.  Let’s call this aspect of Planetary Philosophy the principle of “One People.”

The third principle of Planetary Philosophy is “One Purpose.