Planetary Movement

It’s clear that the human species is in crisis.  The wars and rumors of wars, the disasters and prophecies of disasters, the famines and the fear of greater famines soon, the hurricanes, floods, and droughts and the predictions of extreme climate changes to come all recall past apocalyptic prophesies.   The situation is so persistent and extreme that many of us try just to pay attention to something else.  However, that’s probably a bad idea.  Rather, let’s try looking at the situation head on.

Right now, humanity is oriented by what divides us.  We define ourselves by our identities as different nations, different religions, different political parties, different ethnicities, and different economic classes and we get angry with each other and we fight with each other, sometimes in our minds and sometimes in fact.

What Unites Us

But what unites us?

Planetary Philosophy asserts that we can be united by three principles.  All of us are part of One Planet.  We are all members of One People, one human species.  Right now, at this time, we all need to have One Purpose – to make the great transformation so that we can live at peace with ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth.

Adoption of these three principles need not be in conflict with the essential tenants of any of humanity’s diverse religions or economic/political systems.  They are grounded in a reality that cannot reasonably be denied by anyone.

Our bodies are composed of the Earth.  100% of our bodies are made of the Earth’s materials.  We are what aspects of the Earth feel like from the inside.  We are truly One Planet.  No one can deny this.

As members of the human species we share 99.9% of our DNA.  99.9% of our genetic make-up unites us and only 00.09% divides us.  We are truly One People.  No one can deny this.

We are clearly in a time of transition.  The human political, economic, and cultural system is unstable.  We are at each other’s throats.  It is more extreme in some places than others but no place is unaffected.  We need to transform the human system to survive.  We have One Purpose.  No one really can deny this

So, given that these facts are so clearly true, how do we make the transformation?  How do we realize our One Purpose as One People sharing our One Planet?

A Planetary Movement – part 2