Changing the Story | Planetary Movement


Changing The StoryWe need a Planetary Movement that generates examples of a new Planetary System so that we can learn to create better examples so that we come to understand better what the new Planetary System looks like and feels like.  We need a Planetary Movement that includes enough people so that we reach a tipping point and the direction shifts and we start building momentum for the new way of life.  Each of us needs to identify what our contributions are to Planetary Evolution and make those contributions or else we are contributing to Planetary Devolution.

There must be some magic number of people that are needed to join this Movement and live according to its philosophy in order to reach the tipping point when the new consciousness takes off and starts building massive positive momentum.  We don’t have much time, so it’s important to get to the tipping point soon as possible.  However, it’s got to be the right tipping point.  A significant error right now could lead to very unfortunate consequences. It’s important for the Movement to include a powerful self-corrective characteristic.

What would a thriving, growing, powerful Planetary Movement look like? How does it get launched?  Get organized?  Engage with the great religions?  Engage with culture, with politics, with business, and with science/technology?

The truth is that there already is a powerful Planetary Movement already alive and growing almost everywhere, but it’s not what gets paid attention to as the story of this time.  The story of this time that gets paid attention to right now is the story of economic dislocation combined with religious, ethnic, economic, political, and cultural conflicts and the inadequacy of our economic, social, and political institutions to deal with the dislocation and the conflicts.  We need to change the story.

If we just looked at all the problems facing us as a species and somehow thought that we needed to create a whole new system out of nothing to take care of all of these problems, the situation would, indeed, be pretty hopeless.

Planetary Philosophy offers a way to change the story, re-frame our reality.  The new story is the story of the emergence of a Planetary Movement.  If we look at what’s going on around the world through that lens everything begins to look different.  The reality is that instances of the Great Transformation are everywhere.  As examples, just look to:

  • The socially responsible, sustainable businesses working to treat the Earth well and their employees well and to do business with other such businesses to begin to form a sustainable restorative economy.
  • The social action, political action, community action, peace, and environmental organizations working to transform the political, economic, and social landscape.
  • The cultural, arts, and dance organizations creating a culture of peace and justice and respect for the Earth.
  • The traditional societies working to preserve their traditions of reverence for the Earth and for all life.

We may not have arrived at the tipping point where the momentum begins to shift strongly in favor of the Planetary Movement, but strong and deep forces are emerging and growing and connecting.  A powerful vector is taking shape as it begins to incorporate millions of people.  The tipping point may be closer than we think.

One of the reasons for this is that the Planetary Movement may have some very powerful friends on its side.  Perhaps we are beginning to tap into the emerging unified consciousness of the Human Species and the Earth in a Planetary Consciousness that takes on the mission to preserve the life of our One People so that our One Planet survives as home to the next wave of evolution.  As Planetary Consciousness engages, how, then do we strengthen our actions?  How do we hasten arrival at the tipping point when the momentum shifts?

A Planetary Movement Part 3