Building a Planetary Movement

planet_earth-13848Let’s postulate that there are five keys for each of us to contribute to reaching the tipping point when the Planetary Movement takes off and begins to generate massive, explicit, positive momentum.  The five keys can be formulated as Acceptance, Engagement, Exemplification, Connection, and Celebration.

1) Accept:  The first key is acceptance.  If we embrace Planetary Consciousness and accept that we are individual manifestations of One Planet and One People and if we accept that the current system cannot hold, must evolve or devolve, then we have a great responsibility and a great opportunity to make our own unique contributions to the accomplishment of our One Purpose.

Each of us has a unique experience of Planetary Consciousness, a unique perspective on how to understand it, what it means, and what its implications are.  And each of us has special talents and gifts and skills to contribute to the growing Planetary Movement.

2) Engage:  The second key is engagement.  Some of us have already found the best way for us to engage with the Planetary Movement.  Maybe it’s working in a local environmentally and socially responsible business.  Maybe it’s joining a social or environmental action organization.  Maybe it’s creating art that tells a piece of the story of our times.  That engagement can only be strengthened by framing it as part of a Planetary Movement.

Some of us need to find the best way for us to engage in one or another of the many aspects of the emerging Planetary Movement.  If that’s true, then we just need to look within and ask ourselves, what is the contribution that is right for us to make right now?  If we get stuck for a few moments, we can try using the Planetary Consciousness Mantra to get unstuck.

We can feel the force, the Spirit of the Earth and the Spirit of the new Human Species, rising in us helping guide us to make the right choices.  It doesn’t have to be the perfect first engagement.  Starting is what’s important, engaging with some aspect of the Movement.  If it isn’t the best choice, make a change when the opportunity presents itself.

3) Exemplify:  As the Mahatma, Mohandas Gandhi, said, ‘The means are the ends in process.’  For any engagement to tap into the power of the emerging Planetary Consciousness and truly to contribute to the Planetary Movement, it needs to exemplify One Planet, One People, One Purpose.  The way to build the Movement is to create examples of the Movement, of the Planetary Society, the Planetary Economy, the Planetary Civilization we aspire to.

We are touching deep energies, real powers, so it is essential to make sure to use them wisely and the only way to do that is to make sure that each action we take, each organization we build truly manifests the peace with ourselves, peace among all peoples, and peace with the Earth to which we aspire.  Bad means create bad ends, period.  For the good to triumph in the end, it has to triumph each step of the way.

4) Connect:  Let’s recognize that, in relation to everything we engage with as an aspect of the Planetary Movement, our deepest strength is in making the connections.  My stream can link with your stream on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.  We can learn from each other and connect our work.  My business can do business with your business.  I can patronize your business.  You can patronize mine.

My organization can form a coalition with your organization.  I can support your organization.  You can support mine.  My art can join in a Planetary Festival with your art.  I can appreciate your art.  You can appreciate mine.  As we connect, we can strategize ways to make more powerful connections.  We can weave each of our powerful examples together to create the tapestry of our future world right now.

5) Celebrate:  The Planetary Movement is not about struggling to survive, though our survival is at stake.  The Planetary Movement is about creating examples of the world we want, connecting them to build larger examples, and celebrating what we do as we do it.

Ultimately, the Planetary Economy will win, because it will be more successful economically.  It will be possible to make a better living within it.  It will be more fun.  Planetary Politics will create more effective governments.  Planetary Art will be better art.  Winning is not winning at the end of the process.  Winning is winning right now and celebrating our victories along the way, as we move into the Great Transformation.

The Emerging Planetary Movement:  It’s important to recognize that a Planetary Movement is a transitional movement.  We are trying to get to the next higher level of planetary organization and intelligence.  We don’t know what that will be like and we don’t know what that will be called.  But we can be sure that, once we have made the transition to the next higher level of organization, we will have created a platform from which to begin another cycle of creativity and evolution.

As with other forms of evolution, the successful initial examples of the Planetary Movement ought to manifest the next higher level of order and be much more efficient, profitable, enjoyable, and powerful than current organizational manifestations of the Earth in crisis.

So the challenge is to build powerful examples of the Planetary Movement that have within themselves the ability to inspire and to replicate themselves and then to connect all of these examples into a much larger integrated example and then to begin the process again.

However, we need to realize that the Planetary Movement transcends any organization or set of organizations.  We need to move too fast, grow too large, and expand too rapidly for the Movement to be encompassed by just one organization or even one set of organizations.  The Planetary Movement needs to be a true Movement of many organizational forms.

We also need to realize that – while many examples of the Planetary Movement already exist, already are in place, and already are producing significant progress – it could be very useful to adopt a guiding Planetary Philosophy of One Planet, One People, One Purpose that could help weave the many strands of the Movement together and help spin out the many new strands that need to be created.

Each of us can take on this challenge in our own lives by treating ourselves as specific examples of Planetary Consciousness and then by practicing the Planetary Philosophy however it manifests for each of us, through our family lives, our social lives, our work lives, our political lives, and our cultural lives.  We are One Planet.  We are One People.  We have One Purpose.  The time has come for all of us.